For grad students

Useful resources for Graduate students:

Philip Guo’s The PhD Grind, a must read.

“So long, and thanks for the Ph.D.!” A graduate school survival guide.

An inspiring lecture by Richard Hamming, titled “You and your research”.

Mathematical writing by Don Knuth, Tracy Larrabee and Paul Roberts.

“How to write Mathematics” is an excellent article by Paul Halmos on writing articles or papers.

Here are some useful resources by a prof at the Rice university.

How to learn math and physics by John Baez. Also see his advice for the young scientist.

Some musings by Micheal Steele here. Also see his advice on graduate research. Its for Statistics students, but still relevant to all.

Some advice on research and writing.
Programming language research.

Career advice by Terry Tao. Tao has an awesome blog where he has articles on Math, and even on writing and time management.
Study hacks by Cal Newport on how to study.
Advice by Ravi Vakil.
What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics
Advice by Jason Eisner of John Hopkins University, and on How to read a technical paper
Another article on how to read a paper.
Article on how to read a paper by Micheal Mitzenmacher, and another article by Henning Schulzrinne.

Henning Schulzrinne has compiled some tips for writing papers, common writing bugs, and writing reviews. Some more resources here.

This is a huge collection of advice on research, giving presentations, technical writing, job hunting, etc.

A reddit post I found very interesting.

Teach yourself programming in 10 years, about expertise.

Ten lessons I wish I had been taught” by Gian-Carlo Rota.


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