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Interviews are a big bugbear for many, and foremost among them was me! Who’d not get terrified when a gang of senior professors from the most reputed institute in India sit around facing him/her and fire questions on the area to ehose study they’ve dedicated their life to? There’s a lot of confusion and apprehension regarding this, and I thought an article on this would be helpful.


Typically, MTech programs may or may not have interviews, but MS and PhD programs certainly will, with PhD interviews being tougher than the MS ones, naturally. In addition, some IITs might have a written test (objective or subjective) as a preliminary filter to the interviews. I’ll list the process (as it was in 2008) for some of the programs:

IISc ME CSA – Direct Admission

IISc MSc (Engg) CSA, SERC, EC – Interview (heard there’s a written test this…

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