Happy 2012

A new year has come at last! Again, the usual new-year resolutions (and breaking them in a week), a new semester and new experiences! 2011 was a pretty busy year, and quite eventful. I’m still feeling nostalgic reminiscing the old undergrad days, ah! we were more carefree then.

This blog was lying untouched for quite some time now and I hope to post more often this year. Hopefully, I won’t break this resolution so soon!

The semester has started with a flurry of conferences and workshops in the department. The best part about attending these workshops (apart from listening to the speakers) is free food! It is certainly a change from the mess food that we get everyday and you get ice cream (yay! ice cream!) too. As a friend said, being a grad student means that you are an expert at finding out where free food is available on campus. I guess that also requires a considerable amount of research (part of the research training programme? :p) In any case, I am getting used to it. Moreover if there is going to be an apocalypse this year, I’ll have to pick up soon!

Anyways, happy new year!


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